Credit line for forest and agricultural land owners

Credit line against agricultural and/or forest land from 0.83% per month

land land



1 ha

100+ ha



  • Monthly Payment

    0.00 up to € 0.00

  • Origination fees


  • Interest rate

    0.8325% + 3M EURIBOR

Why choose PATA Finance?

Quick evaluation and approval

Receive an offer for credit line within 1 working day

No fees

No fees during approval process

Fair and upfront agreement

Interest due is calculated only from used credit line amount

Guaranteed credit limit

When making an offer we have minimum limit with option to review it upwards

Easy to use

Pay back any time, reuse when/if need arises during contract period

How PATA Finance works

How it works


Find out your property's credit limit

Find out your property's credit limit

We will evaluate depending form property size and state.


Get approval quickly

Get approval quickly

After agreement is signed and collateral register limit is available for use within couple of hours.


Return funds whenever it is most convenient for you

Return funds whenever it is most convenient for you

Credit line can be fully or partially repaid at any moment convenient to you during agreement period without fixed payment plan.
Limit of credit line is available during whole agreement period.

Frequently asked questions

PATA Finance approves guaranteed or smallest possible credit limit for land property, taking into account location and size of land plot without extended appraisal.

In most of Latvia we provide credit limit form 1000 EUR/ha. In Eastern Latvia from 800 EUR/ha.

Forest land and forest value can be appraised by PATA group's forest experts who will inspect and will provide appraisal.

Credit limit for land can be later increased up to 7000 EUR/ha, given that certified appraisal is provided.

PATA Finance will finance up to 70% of property's market value.

Only expenses will be interest payments on used credit line amount from 0.83% monthly.

When signing the deal no extra fees are applied and we cover all expenses related to collateral registration.*

* we cover expenses if agreement is active for at least 6 months and paid interest covers collateral registration expenses

Current pricing is available on Pricing page.

After signing the agreement and collateral registration credit line is available fully.

To receive required part or all available credit line apply via customer portal, email or call your contact person.

Interest is calculated only from funds paid to customer's bank account. Interest is calculated daily from actually used amount. Unused credit line carries no interest.

Paid funds are paid immediately and will be available in your bank account within the same day or next working day.

Interest invoice for used credit line amount will be sent to you in the beginning of each month for previous month

There is no fixed principal repayment schedule.

Credit line can be repaid at any moment when agreement is active via bank transfer to PATA Finance bank account, with payment containing agreement number. Early credit line repayment has no fees.

Limit of credit line is available for all agreement period, including repeated use.

Unused limit of credit line has no fees or interest.