Revision of the application and preparation of the offer

Free of charge

Annual interest rate

9.99% + 3M EURIBOR from the withdrawn credit line balance

Commission on the processing of a credit line

0.9% from the credit line amount

Notary expenses and state fees*

Free of charge

Valuation of collateral

Free of charge

Fee for credit line resources reservation (calculated in % for the unused amount of the granted credit line)

Up to 100,000.00 EUR for free. If the unused credit line limit exceeds EUR 100,000.00, then 0.5% per annum of the unused credit line limit.

Increasing of the credit line limit

0.9% of the amount of the increased limit

Prolongation of a credit line maturity

100.00 EUR

Preparation and/or examination of documents when refinancing credit obligations with another creditor

Free of charge

Changes in the composition of collateral for pledges registered in public registers, incl. change of pledger, replacement of one pledge with another, etc.

100.00 EUR

Other changes on the customer's initiative

100.00 EUR

Statement related to the credit line

25.00 EUR

Other types of information at the customer's request

50.00 EUR

Confirmation issuance

25.00 EUR

Preparation of consent

25.00 EUR

Preparation of consent (notarized)

100.00 EUR

Other commissions**

By mutual agreement

  • The service is free of charge if the amount of interest paid covers the total amount of the respective costs.

  • If the price list does not specify the commission fee for the provided service or the administrative costs of the service provided are higher than the price list, SIA PATA FINANCE determines an individual commission fee and agrees on it with the client before providing the service.

Credit line to forest and agricultural land owners



1 ha

100+ ha



  • Monthly Payment

    0.00 up to € 0.00

  • Origination fees


  • Interest rate

    0.8325% + 3M EURIBOR